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(n.) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days  (via fluroescent)

Dang true.

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Leiz 2012 | Friends.

So during the trip, me and my cousin begged my parents to go back home to my birth-home. Of course, it’s given - once we get back to Pinas. We don’t just stay in the capital city - we have to get back home to Le Birth Home.

So we did - although we had just few days - we tried to fit it in the schedules. I was quite sad. Yeah - because first - i ran out of money - no kidding. I had to ask money from my parents - so another bloody debt. Then i couldn’t treat them (sorry an habit) somewhere especially with my Professors. T3T But oh well, i said to myself - there will always be a next time. Yeah - i just hope they’re still there in Bacolod. 

So i spent with them till 10-ishAM. For the first time in history of my life in Bacolod. Usually around 9AM i need to be home but my aunt didn’t mind. But i did mind cos our maid ran off so i didn’t get quite to help here in the house. But it was all good. :)

See you next time my beautiful boogers.

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